About Hellenic Australian Business Council

Mission Statement: HABC is a networking & support platform for Greek & Australian business interests, supporting company trade exports-imports, investment opportunities, education, as well as general foreign business relations

The Hellenic-Australian Business Council (HABC) was founded in June 2012 in Athens to connect and support bilateral business relations between Greece and Australia, including private enterprise, organisations, foreign trade agencies and investments, as well as corporations with significant commercial interests in Greek and Australian markets or SMEs striving to do so.

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Message from HABC President & Vice Chairman

"Expanding our co-operation with major government & private organizations in Australia to provide our members with a competitive edge through the most current available information on available business & investment opportunities." - Michalis Bodouroglou

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HABC Structure: Members & Corporate Partners

HABC is an incorporated, not for profit organisation with main source of funding from annual membership fees & donations

Members of the HABC Board are elected. The Board of Directors, elected for one year from founding members, has the task of attracting new members and driving initiatives. The Secretariat of the HABC and Director reside in Athens, with branches in Thessaloniki and Heraklion. HABC business partners and members are encouraged fro all sectors in Greece and Australia. Search the HABC directory or become a member, click here

Board's Official Statement

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"The Hellenic-Australian Business Council is an ideal platform to foster the longstanding economic and political relationship between Australia and Greece, supporting business relations, trade and investment opportunities. I am honoured to be a part of this initiative and am sure it will achieve all its goals and more."
Former Ambassador of Australia to Greece, Jenny Bloomfield 

"I acknowledge the challenges that Greece has faced in recent times. But Greeks know their history. And history demonstrates that there will be better times ahead. Trade is an essential ingredient to building stronger economies, so I congratulate all involved in establishing this Hellenic Australian Business Council. I acknowledge that in the past, Greece has been the source of ideas that have changed the world. That's why people everywhere still look to Greece with respect and affection. Australia is proud to be a friend of Greece and I look forward to us building an even stronger relationship in the years ahead."
Former Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Tony Abbott 

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"One very significant event in EU history, was the enlargement which occurred on 1 May 2004 seeing the EU continue as the world's largest trading entity and its second most wealthy economy. For business people in the Asia Pacific, an enlarged EU means an even greater potential spread of the benefits arising from a single market with one tariff schedule and one set of rules for doing business."
Former European Commission President, José Manuel Barro 

"Greater strategic economic engagement between Europe and Asia suggests to me that there is more that can productively be achieved in the Australia-Europe relationship than in the past. Australian businesses are increasingly aware of the European market. The GDP of the expanded EU is $11 trillion - larger than the US. The EU accounts for 40% of world trade (and) new information technologies available to us continue to shrink economic transaction time and cost."
Australian Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd 

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