Doing business in Australia; research & information

Doing business in Australia; research & information

Australia offers a powerful combination of solid economic performance, highly skilled workforce, legal and political stability, as well as close ties to the booming markets of Asia. With over 23 years of uninterrupted annual economic growth, AAA sovereign risk profile and diverse, globally competitive industries, Australia remains well placed to build on an impressive record of prosperity. With an open, business friendly market and robust economy, Australia is a world leading destination for business.

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Information, figures, facts and images courtesy of Austrade and the Australia Bureau of Statistics. For more information about Australia's key advantages in business, trade and investments, together with on-the-ground professional support, Contact the Hellenic-Australia Business Council.

Information throughout this market intelligence from the Hellenic Australian Business Council (HABC) has been prepared as a general overview of economic, market and business conditions in Australia, compiled using various credible government sources. However, it is not intended to provide an exhaustive coverage of the topic nor substitute professional advice.

Whilst care has been taken in the preparation of this information, HABC does not accept responsibility for any losses suffered by persons or company relying on this information or arising from any error or omission in the content. Any person or company relying on this information does so entirely at their own discretion and HABC strongly recommends the reader obtain independent professional advice prior to acting on this information. Read more on the HABC legal disclaimer.

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