Mission Statement

The Hellenic-Australian Business Council

The Hellenic-Australian Business Council (HABC) was founded in June 2012 in Athens to connect and support bilateral business relations between Greece and Australia, including private commercial enterprises, foreign trade agencies, investors, SMEs, organisations, individuals, as well as others with significant business interests in the Greek and/or Australian markets.

The HABC is the first organisation established in Greece that provides a direct platform and network for Greek and Australian companies, business and industry groups, as well as other organisations to have regular exchange on trade imports-exports, and investment issues, whilst forging stronger business links between Australia and Greece.

HABC activities include business forums, roundtables, conferences, missions and road shows, as well as other corporate events featuring guest speakers from Australia, Greece and other countries. Other events include business matching and networking, two-way business delegations, and cultural events showcasing Australia and Greece.

HABC's members include key economic and political stakeholders in Greece and Australia including corporations, organisations, trade and investment agencies and distinguished individuals from business, politics, government and academia.

Corporate members are drawn from key sectors in each respective market, including shipping, energy, construction, manufacturing, mining, defence, professional services, finance and banking, telecommunications, farming and agriculture, food and beverage services, travel and tourism, education and training, among others.

Partners include bilateral Chambers of Commerce (Hellenic-Australian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), the Australian Embassy in Athens, the Greek Embassy in Canberra and Consulates throughout the country, as well as agencies and organisations that support trade and investment in both countries, such as Invest in Greece and Austrade.

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